You only get one chance to put up quality forages with each crop. Fermented feeds are an important part of livestock feeds and make up the base for most rations. Care should be placed on proper harvest maturity and moisture, Maximizing compaction in the silo (reducing oxygen), proper sealing and using good management practices during feed out. Increasing attention to forage harvest and feed-out will allow additives like inoculants and preservatives to decrease nutrient loss and increase profits. The goal of fermenting feed is to get the PH down quickly saving nutrients like starch and reducing over heating, which binds and destroys the proteins.

Maxi-Save – Silage Inoculant

Maxi Save

  • Maxi Save® Dry Granular- treats 50 Ton
  • Maxi Save® WS- treats 50 Ton
  • Maxi Save® WS- treats 200 Ton
*Applies 360,000 CFU/gram of crop

Maxi Save Plus w/ Buchneri

  • Maxi Save Plus® Dry Granular- treats 50 Ton
  • Maxi Save Plus® WS- treats 50 Ton
  • Maxi Save Plus® WS- treats 200 Ton
*Applies 750,000 CFU/gram of crop

Organic – Silage Inoculant

Organic Silage Inoculants

  • Organic Dry Granular – treats 50 Ton
  • Organic WS – treats 50T or 200 Ton
*All organic inoculants are available with or without Buchneri
Inoculants are available through an R&J Consultant, contact an R&J Consultant for more information

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