Nutrition and management during the transition period will determine a large part of how the cows production will be for her entire lactation, determine future reproduction success and help with postpartum diseases such as ketosis, milk fever and mastitis. R&J offers several Pre and Post-Fresh feeds to balance the cows extra nutritional attention and balance the rumen to help minimize metabolic diseases and optimize production.

Providing critical nutrition for the right start

R&J Dry Cow

  • Feeding Rate: 2 lbs/day
  • Feed type: Pellet

R&J Pre-Fresh Complete

  • Feeding Rate: 6-8 lbs/day 2 weeks before freshening
  • Feed type: Textured

R&J Pre-Fresh Concentrate

  • CP: 18%
  • Feeding Rate: 2-3 lbs/day 2 weeks before freshening
  • Feed type: Pellet

R&J Lacta-Max

  • A proven and effective combination of critical nutrients for POST-FRESH dairy cows
  • Feeding Rate: 2 lbs/day at freshening for 2 weeks
  • Feed type: Pellet
Custom Pre-Fresh and Dry Cow feeds are available, contact an R&J Consultant for more information

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